The Committee of Management


Kurboroo Kindergarten is a non-profit, community based organisation.

The Committee of Management is a group of elected parents and is responsible for the management of the Kindergarten. Committee meetings are held monthly. All parents are welcome to attend, however only committee members have voting rights.​


Hayley Russell

Acts as the official spokesperson or representative for the kindergarten. Ensures that the role of the committee is being met and that requirements are fulfilled for council, MIKA and the Department of Education (DET) Ensures all parents are informed about the kindergarten and decisions the committee makes. Chairs committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting in November. Also attends Maroondah Council Presidents meetings. 

Vice President

Jacqueline Howell

Assists the President wherever possible and takes over in their absence. Organises relief staff when necessary and liaises with existing staff. Updates and files kindergarten staff qualification requirements. Distributes and analyses the Parent Satisfaction Surveys. Chairs the monthly meetings of the 5 year Business Planning Sub-Committee. 


Lauren Garrett-Spence

Takes care of all correspondence and replies to letters where necessary. Files committee qualification requirements. Co-ordinates the committee meetings, compiles agenda items, takes minutes at the committee meeting and distributes to all members and staff. As Public Officer, the Secretary is to forward the necessary documents to Consumer Affairs and the DET after the AGM. 


Kathryn Patterson

Oversees the preparation of financial statements, monitors the budget and reports to the DET. Payment of invoices, reimbursements and some banking is also required. Attends the 5-year Business Planning Sub-Committee meetings. It is highly desirable that the person taking on this role has bookkeeping or accounting skills. Works with our Bookkeeper/Payroll officer.

Business Operations Manager

Penny Palmer

Co-ordinates enrolments for the 3 and 4-year-old programs, including the collection and banking of term one deposits. Prepares a welcome letter to be sent out with acceptances and information packs to be distributed at the AGM. Collates information from the handouts that have been distributed at the AGM. Required to attend monthly MIKA meetings and report back to the committee about these. 

Maintenance Officer

Georgia Bourke

Organises and co-ordinates working bees which are held once per term. Arranges the replacement or repair of items around the kindergarten as required. Ensures the grounds are always well maintained. 

Fundraising Coordinator

Almia Bailey-Erturk

Organises 2-3 fundraising events a term to raise money for the kindergarten. Sources donations to be auctioned/ raffled for various events and will need to bank funds raised. Also organises the Trivia Night, which is a major fundraiser. This includes confirming location, trivia company and sourcing donations for silent auction and prizes. Reports monthly in the newsletter of upcoming events, goals for the funds and achievements reached. Works with group reps, who are there to support the Fundraising Co-ordinator in their role. 

Social Coordinator

Jess McCarthy

Organises whole kindergarten social activities – Disco, Miniature Railway and other events. Coordinates and works with the social group reps to ensure that they are organising social functions for their groups. 

Purchasing Officer

Mel Caudry

Researches, obtains quotes and organises the purchase of all items for the kindergarten, in consultation

with the Teachers and Committee. Purchases may include housekeeping, kinder supplies, stationery, new equipment and any furniture. Committee must approve all purchases. The role is accountable to the Treasurer. Organises, orders and distributes uniforms to the children. 

Promotions Officer

Annaliese Moon

Advertises, promotes and organises the kinder Open Day held each year in May. Uploads and maintains up to date information on the website as instructed. Sends reminders and news to families via Facebook and Tiqbiz. Collates general news and information to produce a monthly newsletter for families. Updates staff and Committee photo boards. Attends Business Planning Sub-Committee meetings. 

Grants Officer

Jenny Meagher

Sources and applies for community and government grants. Prepares proposals to submit with grant applications, which may include obtaining quotes from contractors. Attends the 5 year business plan Sub Committee meetings. 

Policy Coordinator

Dee Bianco

Co-ordinates and drives the regular renewal of kindergarten policies and accreditations such as Asthma and Sunsmart that are associated with policies. 

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Anita Rajput

Drives the review of Kurboroo’s Quality Improvement Plan and ensures that we are meeting our obligations under the framework. 

Sustainability Officer

Maria Doolan

Works with the educators and committee members to investigate and implement sustainability and environmental practices into the kindergarten. 

OHS Officer

Shelley Quin

Works with the educators and committee to ensure OHS practices are being upheld and implemented. 

IT Officer

Lizzie Robinson

Updates and maintains the website. Assists Staff and Committee members where possible with any queries regarding office computer, equipment, software and the website.